Somoza’s moon rocks surface

Somoza’s moon rocks surface

Moon rocks given by US President Richard Nixon to the dictator Anastasio Somoza recently surfaced. The .05 grams of grey, rice kernal sized rocks, were found with a Nicaraguan flag in a casino strong box owned by professional gambler and Las Vegas casino owner Joe Stepak who died two years ago. Stepak got them from a Baptist pastor who got them from a Costa Rican mercenary who had fought for Somoza.

NASA scientists are currently verifying the authenticity of the rocks which were collected on the first moon walk of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in 1969.

NASA distributed 270 small moon rocks to nations and organizations as tokens of “good will” in the 1970s. Stepak’s lawyer said that, if the rocks turn out to be real, they should be returned to the people of Nicaragua.

(Radio La Primerisima, May 23; Informe Pastran, May 24 2012)

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