100th anniversary of death of Benjamin Zeledon

100th anniversary of death of Benjamin Zeledon

Communications Coordinator Rosario Murillo announced that the government was organizing special events to commemorate the centennial of the death in battle of General Benjamin Zeledon who fought in 1912 against United States intervention in Nicaragua.

The United States had intervened to aid in the overthrow of Pres. Jose Santos Zelaya in 1909-10, and in 1912 more Marines landed in support of US control over the Nicaraguan government and its finances under President Adolfo Diaz. General Benjamin Zeledon joined the rebellion led by Diaz’ Secretary of War Luis Mena against US intervention. On August 10, 1912, Zeledon wrote: "We want public finances to be managed by suitable and honorable people and not by foreigners. Finally and above all we want the national sovereignty symbolized by our blue and white flag to be true and not battered by interventionist winds." When Mena was overpowered by US Marines led my Maj. Smedley Butler and Col. Joseph Pendleton, he surrendered and left the country. Zeledon refused to surrender and fought the US Marines and Diaz’ troops at the famous Coyotepe Hill battle, finally dying in Masaya on Oct. 4, 1912. Augusto Sandino, who finally drove the Marines out in 1933, was 17 when Zeledon was killed and always credited Zeledon's resistance for inspiring his own anti-interventionist spirit. 

(Radio La Primerisima, Sept. 19; Informe Pastran, Sept. 19 2012)

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